Use Knowledge for lead generation

Chang Zi Qian
Chang Zi Qian

Co-Founder and CEO

Use Knowledge for lead generation

Your professional knowledge as a lead generation engine.

A few months ago, the managing partner of a professional services firm with more than 100 staff met up with team INTELLLEX and shared the following with us
1. His firm's website is not generating enough leads and the ROI for writing long form blogposts is very low.
2. Most digital marketing agencies are unable to write content involving professional content that is too technical (financial services regulations / family office / tax related etc)
3. He hopes INTELLLEX can make use of our patented categorisation and search capability to organise his firm's articles so that potential clients can find them and contact them for work.

From our experience running, we shared our thoughts about how we can address his concerns by building a Knowledge Centre of professional Q&A content that is optimised for lead generation. Am glad to share that we have delivered on the project and it will be launched in the coming weeks.

INTELLLEX was invited to the LegalTech Exchange event organised by the British High Commission in Eden Hall last month to share about our Knowledge Centre product with the wider community.

Hope to shout out to professional services firms (asset managers, tax advisors, corporate services etc) for a chat :)

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