Categorise your internal know-how. Instantly.
Internal know-how which comprise of advice, memos, articles, legislation and regulation, are useful resources for lawyers. Finding these resources can be difficult though, as they are usually poorly organised or require many man hours to categorise manually.
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Automatic Classification
Knowledge Upkeep
productivity gains in Knowledge Management Team
While a uniformed file-naming convention within our firm was useful in helping us organise our resources, the automatic categorisation feature offered the added benefit of having a document-type classification, where documents are now given an added contextual and searchable characteristic.
– Chooi Jingyen, Partner at a leading dispute resolution firm
Automatic Classification
Lawyers tend to recall the past work done by their legal dimensions. Our pre-built classification and extraction models review and extract important metadata.
Extract key knowledge dimensions such as legal topics, document type and industry etc.
Deploy any of our pre-trained A.I. classification models to enrich the metadata of your data. Train customised models without needing a Data Scientist.
Knowledge Upkeep
Knowledge managers are able to cut down on repetitive and tedious tasks limited by existing technology, and free up bandwidth for strategic, revenue-generating tasks.
Seamlessly port over your firm’s existing taxonomies or use one of our pre-built taxonomies to organise your knowledge
Further customise these taxonomies through powerful administrator-level features
Effortlessly browse and maintain the documents organised according to their knowledge dimensions like an e-library
Advanced features
What you need to improve productivity of your KM team
Custom training models
Expanded quick search
Pre-set Rules to get started quickly
Improved tagging experience
Optimisation review on models trained
Other ways to utilise INTELLLEX
A holistic Knowledge Management System
Bridge connections across silos with a knowledge graph to get sharper legal insights.
Intelligent And Intuitive Retrieval
Backed by A.I. and a knowledge graph, get directed to contextually relevant knowledge right away.