Intelligent and Intuitive Retrieval
Precise information retrieval. Tailored for different use cases.
Keyword and Boolean searches are ineffective in distinguishing nuances between common use and legalese. This results in a large volume of irrelevant results, which are tedious to sift through one by one.
Works with
Knowledge Graph
Semantic Search
A.I.-backed contextual search that takes you to the right data in seconds. For every level of expertise.
Retrieve by legal dimensions
If you are familiar with the taxonomy of a specific area of law, browse and narrow down documents according to different levels of granularity.
Retrieve by semantic search
Do away with formulating multiple hit-or-miss queries. Our search understands the legal context of your query to yield relevant results.
Retrieve using a knowledge graph visualisation
If you are unfamiliar with an area of law, quickly explore the connections between related legal concepts and navigate to the right documents.
Graph-powered search finds the right documents without keywords
Our search engine automatically includes all related and associated terms to your query, so you don't have to formulate complex queries using Boolean operators.
Disambiguate between legal concepts
Contextualise legal terms of art to a specific context
Discover links between related concepts, regardless of their degrees of separation
Auto-suggested legal questions
Lawyers draft documents to answer legal questions. These questions are automatically extracted and are proactively surfaced during search.
Other ways to utilise INTELLLEX
Reclaim your productive time by categorising your know-how automatically with ease.
A holistic Knowledge Management System
Bridge connections across silos with a knowledge graph to get sharper legal insights.