A Holistic Knowledge Management System
Unify across disparate sources. One integrated platform.
Lawyers spend as much as 25% of their unbillable time searching for information across multiple platforms – legislative and regulatory websites, 3rd party proprietary content providers, commentaries, and internal knowledge bases. In addition, some firms have KM lawyers as the gatekeepers to the firm’s knowledge base, hence increasing the turnaround time for lawyers.
Works with
Knowledge Graph
Semantic Search
more knowledge connections between documents
The INTELLLEX platform has been very helpful in assisting me to locate the necessary precedent within a short amount of time and get a grasp of the firm’s knowledge base.
– Carmen Ko, Associate at a major mid-sized law firm
Powered by your firm's enterprise knowledge graph
Combining sophisticated A.I. models and graph technologies, we automatically generate an enterprise knowledge graph to provide a deep understanding of the context of your documents. Know that you have covered all the bases in your work.
Bridge knowledge silos
Easily integrate external and internal knowledge resources onto a consolidated knowledge graph.
Grow the knowledge graph
Add connections in a scalable way, as knowledge resources grow and more discoveries are made.
Enriched context
Uncover established and inferred patterns in your knowledge base, that were previously impossible to search for.
Aggregation of knowledge sources

Bring important information from disparate sources together on one platform, with our open API connections to and from other systems like the Document Management System (DMS) or intranet portal.

Keep up-to-date with the latest judgments, legislation and commentaries curated from authoritative sources. Clients may also include content from sources they subscribe to.

Keep your team aligned with updated and reliable information
Changes are reflected in real-time
Content Databases
Other ways to utilise INTELLLEX
Reclaim your productive time by categorising your know-how automatically with ease.
Intelligent And Intuitive Retrieval
Backed by A.I. and a knowledge graph, get directed to contextually relevant knowledge right away.