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Optimise underused knowledge with AI technology

What's different?

An AI-powered knowledge bank

Take comfort in knowing your institutional knowledge is accounted for and securely stored. Content is intelligently organised and shared in one integrated knowledge bank.

No more cumbersome document management systems. No more time-consuming research. Stop information drain from high workforce attrition.

Awarded ISO 27001: 2013 certification

Our promise

Efficiency Gains.

Trim excess time and costs spent on doing things the old way. With our platform, cut down on repeated research and drafting standard documents from scratch.

Greater visibility.

Keep your knowledge at your finger tips. We use machine learning to organise and give meaning to your knowledge. Your assets will be utilised to enhance the service you provide.


Keep afloat of rapid turnovers and evolving client demands. Our digital knowledge bank will be a bedrock for growing your intellectual capital.

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Our machine learning algorithms auto-categorise


legal concepts and document types

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We created INTELLLEX to improve on outdated methods of legal practice. Unlike the big players who are chained to their legacy, we constantly improve our products by listening to you.

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